Women’s Pen F vs Melbourne Uni | 1-4 LOSS | A.Woodward

Congratulations to Amy for her fantastic goal during the first half of the game in her senior debut.  It was a lovely deflection straight past the keeper and a shot that Amy has been practising during training. Well done, Amy!

Melbourne University were unfortunately too strong for us on the forward line, and the warm weather took its toll as we eventually lost the game 4-1.  We did have some great play and managed to put in to practice some of the things we have been doing in training.

Wendy D was consistently in the perfect position to receive the ball and moved into the spaces when we needed her to. Chloe, in goals, did a great job directing the play and it was unfortunate that she had to face a one on one play with Melbourne Uni twice in the first half – with both goals easily going in, despite Chloe’s effort coming out to stop the attack.

Despite this, the team stayed positive and supportive, our aim for this year, and we had fun. We came out of the game tired, but with a few things to focus on at training and a reminder how important it is to support and listen to your goalkeeper. Well done to everyone for an enjoyable game.