Membership Fees

Annual membership fees for Knox Hockey Club are separated into the following components, as outlined in the tables below.

  • A Hockey Australia player levy, including Personal Accident Insurance.
  • A Hockey Victoria membership fee, based on your age.
  • A Knox Hockey Club membership fee, based on the membership type selected.

Please note that all fees include GST.

Both Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria components are required to be paid up front to complete the online registration.

Membership fees for Knox Hockey Club will be invoiced separately and sent via email following registration. Payment by Round 1 is required to be eligible for selection. Knox Hockey Club operate a strict NO PAY, NO PLAY policy.

If you experience any issues with the registration portal please contact the Secretary.

Ladan Whittaker – Secretary
0433 333 804

Knox Hockey Club – 2020 Membership Fees

Membership Type KHC Fee HV & HA Levies* Total Cost
Early Bird KHC Fee**
Masters $480 $100 $580 $460
Seniors & Masters $660 $100 $760 $640
Seniors $530 $100 $607 $510
Supporter $50 N/A $50 N/A
Juniors & Seniors $530 $73 $603 $510
Juniors U12-18 HV Comp $360 $73 $433 $340
Juniors U10 Intraclub $140 $30-52.50 $170-192.50 $120


Goal Keepers using their own kit – 2020 Membership Fees

Membership Type KHC Fee HV & HA Levies* Total Cost
Early Bird KHC Fee**
Seniors and/or Masters $280 $100 $380 $260
Juniors & Seniors $280 $73 $353 $260
Juniors U12-18 HV Comp $210 $73 $283 $190


*Total levies are determined by player’s age. Up to 8 years old = $30; 9-10 = $52.50; 11-18 = $73.

**Early bird discount is $20 off the applicable KHC membership cost. Online registration must be completed by 29 February 2020 and the invoice must be paid in full by 14th March 2020 or a revised invoice for the full amount plus an additional $5 will be issued. This offer is not available on a payment plan.


A discount of $70 is available for holders of valid student, concession or low income health care cards. A student concession discount is already applied for all Junior memberships. A photocopy of the current card must be provided to the Treasurer to qualify.

Please notify the treasurer via email at the time of registration with your intent to claim this discount. The discount will be applied to your KHC membership fee invoice.

Goal Keepers

Goal Keepers will be expected to maintain their kit, at their own expense to a level deemed satisfactory by their section coordinator. This is to ensure the safety of all of our club members in line with standards set out by Hockey Victoria.

Goalkeepers who wear club provided kit will be required to pay the full registration amount for the relevant section.

Match Fees

Weekly match fees for the home and away season are included within your membership fee with the following exceptions:

When a member registered as a “Master or a Junior Only” plays in the senior section.
Any player participating in finals.
All additional match fee’s are $10 per match, and will be collected via issue of an invoice after rounds 6, 12 & finals.

Payment Plans

Registration fees are required to be paid prior to Round 1 of the home and away season.

You may opt to pay your fees via a payment plan whereby your membership fee is paid in instalments. If you wish to pay via instalment please contact the Treasurer.

Please contact the Treasurer with any questions regarding fees including payment plans or electronic payment methods. Please note that phone calls will need to be outside of office hours.

Jenni Saunders – Treasurer
0419 366 868