Anyone that has been keeping up with the junior results will be aware that out under 12 teams are excelling this year! As a result of their dominance in the District North East Grade, one of our teams has been promoted to Pennant. Congratulations to all of the players and the coaches on a job well done!

The teams are currently (but not permanently) listed as:

U12 Mixed Pennant, coached by Michael Dunne: 

Will Kiat
Adam Coleman
Cohen Van Roosmalen
Elijah Tan
Logan Bell
Rhys Moulder
Mitchell Howe
Caiden Harmer
Bailey Howe
Cooper Howe
Wesley Chen
Jericho Johnson- Stonis
Jackson Barnes


U12 Mixed District North East, coached by Jim Bell:

Archie Nygaard
Benjamin Fisher
James Fisher
Elliot Robinson
Chloe Robinson
Will Brooks
Camerson Fistes
Luke Wilcox
Jake Nolan
Loudy Keiffer
Angelika Chaplin
Niklas Hailes


For more information, contact Michael Dunne or Jim Bell