This year our Mantra is:
All we ask players to do, is to put in intensity in training and matches and work together as a team – wherever that may be! Easy AS…..and you will enjoy IT!

Our coaching team this year has been confirmed as:

Trevor Bannan – Women’s Head coach and Vic League 1  Team Coach
John Barton – Vic League 1 Reserves Coach
Belinda “Willy” Willaton – Pennant C Coach
Phil Deuart – Pennant F Coach
Kathryn Duncan – Metro B Coach

I hope you are all raring to go. This week we start on-pitch training session and everyone is welcome to come along and dust off your shoes and sticks again if you haven’t been playing over the summer.

The calendar has been updated but please bear with me as pre-season is about flexibility and being ready to anticipate change and what happens next, just like a real game scenario!! The calendar shows this is what the next few weeks will look like pre-season but some changes may be necessary so be prepared!!

Tuesday AND Thursday sessions will be about fitness AND skills training so be prepared to put in some work to build up stamina and fitness across all levels. The timings have changed slightly to incorporate the extra focus on fitness and maximising the pitch time for hockey skills.

We are well aware that players may not be able to commit to two or sometimes three  sessions per week so please let me know your circumstances and I can share this with the coaching team but hopefully everyone will make at least one!!

We have an away camp planned April 1st/2nd for the 1’s and 2’s squad and would positively encourage those who are seeking to play at the higher level to make yourself available for this weekend. If you are a junior playing seniors in this group and any parents would like to come along and support you would be more than welcome to do so, if not your parents can rest assured you will be well looked after over that weekend. The cost of this has yet to be confirmed but we shall let you know as soon as possible.

There are two other preseason matches for this group March 18th against MHSOB and April 8th away vs Geelong. Times are on the calendar so again please confirm your availability or otherwise as soon as possible.

If anyone can help support Knox Hockey Club at Knox fest this weekend that would be awesome please get in touch with Darren King at if you can help out either Saturday or Sunday March 4th /5th.

Also March 25th will be another Saturday open session for ALL prospective grades, including juniors thinking about seniors and any masters players are also welcome to come along.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday or Saturday!!!

Ange Hayes


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