Knox men’s 2’s came out to play this week!

We opened the scoreboard with a field goal to Paul Kallista.
The ball back in the middle of the field didn’t last long with yet another field goal to Scott McFadyen.
Old Melburnians got awarded a short corner which was saved with an impressive stick save on the line by Harry.
With our boys hungry for attack Flash aka Stuart Wright put away a nice deflection.
The men weren’t happy with this score line so Paul Kallista put another one in the back of the net.
Our boys go into half time 5-0.
Half time over our men’s hunger got bigger…we opened the scoreboard again with another goal to Paul Kallista.
With the hunger growing bigger Knox got awarded a short corner for James Menzies to find the back of the net.
Old Melburnians awarded another short corner with yet another cracking save by goalie Campbell Bowden.
With a quick hit out from defense Paul Kallista found the back of the net yet again.
Knox awarded a short for Paul Kallista to get another goal under his belt.
With only 5 minutes left in game Knox awarded another short corner for Paul Kallista to hit an deflection off defender.
Final score 10-0
Boys sung the song loud n proud, awesome win guys!!