With a bye for our men’s 1’s for round 9 the guys were pumped and ready to go.
We didn’t open the scoreboard with St Bedes getting a field goal to start off.
They were then awarded a short corner to find the back of the net to give them a 2-0 lead going into half time.
Knox got a break at the half and ready to come out fighting hard in the second half.
We opened our score card and the scoreboard for the second half with a field goal deflection. Ball crossed from Kelvin Johnson for Chris Johnson to deflect into goal.
They replied quickly with a short corner drag flick.
We replied with our own short corner goal put away by Michael Czudar.
Knox got another short for Sean Lawson to find the back of the net.
They replied with only minutes left in the game with a breakaway field goal to leave the final score 4-3 down.