Knox Hockey club are excited to announce that masters hockey training is back, as of  Monday,  25th May 2020. 

currently the government restrictions only allow us to have groups of 10 at training and all social distancing rules must be adhered for week 1 we will be running a session from 7.30 until 8.30 at the Knox ground. we are able to have two groups of 10 on the ground at this time with a 5 meter exclusion zone in the center of the pitch.

Groups must remain together and there can be no gathering of people outside of allocated group. the training will be set up as per the guidelines in the Knox hockey club return to hockey guidelines which is available on the below link.

The Plan explains how you can sign up to attend training, how it will run, and most importantly, what we will need from you to ensure that everybody stays safe and has fun.  

The Plan is based on Hockey Victoria’s Return to Hockey Guidelines, and is available here:

You are expected to comply with all requirements in the Plan before, during and after training.

You will see from the Plan that training sessions can only be accessed through a Try-booking link.  The relevant link for this week is below:

we only have 20 spots available this week and they are available to masters players only  from both mens and womens Teams.

Please note if you do not have a booking you cannot come down to the ground on monday night.

I Will re assess after this first week as to how we will go about the sessions for the foreseeable future  when i have a better idea of participation rate.

The above links, and the Plan, is to be posted on both Facebook and the Club website as well.As you can understand, training is going to look a little bit different in our COVID-19 world. The Committee has approved the Knox Hockey Club COVID-19 Hockey Training Plan.

The most important message of the Plan is as follows – training will only work if you read the Plan and comply with it.  There will be signage at the pitch to guide you, as well myself and other  members.   We trust you, as we have to date, to know how you are feeling and act accordingly.  Similarly, we trust you to comply with the various measures that are set out in the Plan. 

We know that things are different, and that it may take some getting used to – it is our hope that being able to get back out on the pitch with the Knox hockey family will make it worthwhile.

As you all know, COVID-19 regulations are continually changing, and your Committee is working hard to ensure all changes are appropriately acknowledged and actioned on the pitch.  We look forward to providing you with further information regarding the commencement of the 2020 season once that information is available to us.


Bryan Williams

Knox Hockey Club Masters Co-ordinator.