Dear Knox Hockey Club Member

Knox Hockey Club – The Future

I am writing to you, and to the wider hockey community to update you on the future of the Knox Hockey Club (KHC).

As you may be aware the current pitch usage agreement between KHC, The Knox School (TKS) and the Knox City Council (KCC) is due to lapse in April 2018.

I am pleased to announce that TKS has agreed to extend this agreement until October 2021, with the potential for that date to extend further based on the progress of their redevelopment project. In short this means that upon the completion of the 2017 winter season we will have a minimum of a further 4 seasons playing hockey at TKS.

The final details of this agreement are still being reviewed by KCC, who have indicated they intend to compile an amended agreement that takes into consideration our need to relocate to a new facility. Rest assured any changes will only result in a benefit to KHC.

Moving forward, KHC, along with KCC, are continuing to explore a number of options and solutions to secure the long-term future of the club.

I spoke with Cr Jackson Taylor at our BCNA Pink Sports Weekend about the current status of finding a new location and he is confident there are a couple of potential sites available within the Knox area. He and I also discussed the club’s position with Alan Tudge MP, federal member for Aston, and showed him the limitations we face with cramped facilities – especially when it rains! I also spoke with Victorian minister for Ferntree Gully Nick Wakeling MP and he reiterated his support for our cause and spoke about steps we can take to ensure the right action is taken to save our club.

I believe this continues to show the great level of support that we have within various levels of both local, and wider reaching, political communities.

Furthermore, just this week, the club has been contacted by KCC regarding a “Regional Hockey Strategy” to be led by Knox and Maroondah City Councils. It is presently in early planning, but there is support from an addition 3 local Councils across Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne to provide direction for the further development of new hockey facilities. KHC will be contributing funds to assist with the undertaking of this feasibility strategy and will endeavour to be closely involved to help shape our future home.

We have been advised planning for a new location across multiple councils is more likely to receive infrastructure funding from State and Federal governments. Hockey Victoria have also indicated their desire for this kind of solution; I will be meeting with them soon to get more of an understanding as to how they see KHC fitting into this scheme.

Despite our commitment to this feasibility study, we will not be putting all our eggs in one basket, and will continue to put our efforts towards a standalone facility of our own within the Knox area. I feel it is important that at such an early stage of proceedings we as a club keep our options open to allow us to make the best choices in the future.

I feel confident that the work we have begun this year has put us on a path to be a strong and successful club for many years into the future, and I am proud of the resilience our members have shown in these uncertain times.

I would also like to thank the committee for their hard work and support this year, much of which has been behind the scenes and won’t be fully evident until next year and beyond, but is vital for our sustainability and growth. If you feel that you can contribute time and expertise to assist with securing our short and long-term futures, on and off the pitch, we have no shortage of roles that need filling and I would welcome you to contact either myself or our Vice President, Andy Wilkins.

We still have a way to go but I believe that together, we can do it!


Brent Sullivan
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