Knox Hockey Club (KHC) remains committed to protecting the physical health, mental health and safety of its members – players, parents and volunteers alike. Your health is our priority moving forward, to create
a fun and safe experience for everyone involved at KHC. The KHC Committee is continually reviewing the various changes to State Government directions issued in relation to COVID-19, with the assistance of Hockey Victoria (HV).
KHC thanks HV for its efforts in developing the HV Return to Hockey Guidelines, which have the support of the State Government through Sports and Recreation Victoria. The HV Return to Hockey Guidelines are an important step in supporting sporting clubs to play their important role within the community.
KHC, following the receipt of the HV Return to Hockey Guidelines, has developed the COVID-19 Hockey Training Plan. The protocols in this Training Plan reflect the guidance within the Return to Hockey
Guidelines. They will take effect as of 18 May 2020.

Please see the full  KHC COVID-19 return to training plan

KHC confirms that it has the support of The Knox School in returning to the pitch. We are excited to be able to offer training opportunities to our players, as Victoria moves towards relaxation of restrictions to
allow for the commencement of the 2020 season.
KHC also confirms that whether you train is, as it always has been, entirely up to you. We are here to facilitate training for those who wish to participate given the current restrictions. If you do not wish to
participate, there is no pressure to do so. Selection for games, once they recommence, will not be based on whether you choose to attend these training sessions. If you are not participating in these training sessions, you should be making your own arrangements to maintain your fitness and skills during this time