As part of Knox Hockey Club’s ongoing work towards securing a long term future for the club we have put together a new subcommittee to improve our local presence, and increase the awareness of Knox Hockey Club within the community.

Unfortunately a lot of people who live locally just simple don’t know that we exist! They drive along Burwood Highway and see the pitch, assuming that it is just something to do with the Knox School. They aren’t aware that we are a stand alone club in our own right!

At present the new subcommittee is made up of Kim Deuart, Ladan Whittaker, Nuwy Wickramasinghe, Edan Trevethick and Andy Wilkins.

We’d love to recruit 2 or 3 more members to this subcommittee, preferably from our either our Masters section or from our Junior Parents. If you would like to find out more about this group, and what the role might entail please speak to Andy on the details below or seek out any of the members at the ground.

The subcommittee will also be calling on all of our members, parents, friends, families and any one else with ties to the club to help out; be it with leaflet drops, volunteering at the upcoming Knox Festival and similar events, or with fundraising and social events as we start to raise funds for our new home in the future!

If you can spare some time, long term, or just as a one off, please get in touch!
The club needs all the help it can get, now and into the future!

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