Key details are as follows:

We encourage everyone to attend and hear about the Club’s progress through what has been a very strange year – we’re looking forward to seeing your faces, even if they’re only on a screen!

There are a couple of important things to note about the attached notice:

  1. BACK UP DATE: You will see in the notice that we have also set a “back up” AGM date for the following Monday, 23 November 2020.  We have sought to set this date as a contingency only, in the event that we do not reach the quorum of 15 people required to hold the AGM.  Please make every effort to attend the AGM on Zoom on 16 November 2020, as this is the date of the AGM.  Should the “back up” 23 November 2020 date be required, we will advise members after the conclusion of the meeting on 16 November 2020.  Our intention is that we will obtain quorum, and the “back up” date will not be needed.
  2. COMMITTEE NOMINATIONS: Please use this form  to nominate for a Committee position if you are interested in participating next year, and send it to Ladan Whittaker at  We have formatted the notice so that it can be electronically “signed” using Adobe Acrobat Reader – to make things easier if you don’t have a printer at home!