Dear Members & Supporters,

Last night Knox Hockey Club held the 2017 Annual General Meeting. I am pleased to advise that your committee for the next 12 months was voted in with only one vacancy.

I would like to congratulate the following individuals on their appointments:

President: Brent Sullivan
Vice President: Andy Wilkins
Secretary: James Upjohn
Treasurer: Jenni Saunders

Hockey Coordinator: Darren King
Men’s Coordinator: Michael Saunders
Women’s Coordinator: Bek Bell
Masters Coordinator: Bryan Williams
Junior Coordinator: Greg Wright

Social Coordinator: Kim Mclean
Sponsorship Coordinator: Vacant
General Committee Member: John Barton
General Committee Member: Janita Hackett
General Committee Member: Lyndal Howe

Welcome to new committee members James Upjohn, Jenni Saunders, Kim Mclean and Lyndal Howe. Kim has been at the club less than one year, so I commend her on her willingness to get involved. I would also like to welcome back Janita Hackett who has previous experience as the club’s social coordinator.

Thank you to those continuing on the committee including some role shuffling – Andy, Darren, Michael, Bek, Bryan, Greg and John.

A number of committee members this year have stepped down and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge their contributions.

Brad Reeves held the position of Treasurer for the last 5 years and has provided some much appreciated stability in the club’s finances, particularly as we look to expand our community presence in the lead up to finding a new home. I am pleased to be able to say Brad will be continuing in the role of Canteen Manager for 2018.

Thanks also to Angela Hayes who has been the Women’s Coordinator for the previous 5 years. In this time the club has seen a promotion to Women’s Vic League 1, some strong development of younger players transitioning from Juniors, and she has consistently been a staunch advocator of providing opportunities for all players in a fair and balanced way.

Outgoing Social Coordinator Beck Barton has held the role for 3 years and led the way for some big club events including the Family Fun Day and the charity fundraising days. This year she brought the Senior Presentation night back in to the Knox area, paving the way for some strong local partnerships.

Moving on from the Men’s Coordinator role after 1 year is Matt Condy. Matt had not been at the club long before taking on this position but his determination to represent the players provided the coaching panel with valuable perspective.

Stepping down from a general committee position is Damian Tonti-Filippini after having spent the previous year as Sponsorship Coordinator. Damian has drawn on his experience with similar matters to assist with communications regarding a future ground relocation. I am happy to be able to say he will continue to assist the Executive Committee in these matters with Knox City Council.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Ross Gurney who held a general committee position until part way through the season. He helped the club pave the way for a new Assistant Junior Coordinator role as part of our efforts to improve the management of our junior players, which comprise roughly half our playing members. Incoming committee member Lyndal Howe will step into the role and help to develop it further.

The above appointments continue on from the swathe of changes last year and I feel this will help to strengthen the Knox Hockey Club as we move forward and face new challenges. I encourage all members and supporters to consider how they may be able to contribute around the club and get in touch with one of us. A lot is changing and we want everyone to have a part in shaping the club to be the best it can be long into the future. Head on over to the committee page for contact details.

If you feel you can help fill the vacant Sponsorship Coordinator position please contact myself or Andy Wilkins.

Brent Sullivan
#GoKnox #OutWeComeToPlay

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